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Theodira II map by Armygeneral13

Thdoria II is the creator's second attempt at a world. The last one was a lego realm that turned into everyone hating each other then 100s of years of war and hell. This one was planned different. All creatures old and new, were put on this new land to follow what was best in their heart. The map above, is a hybrid of a political and physical map of Thedoria. I go from top to bottom.

Land of the snow elves: The land of the snow elves is a very barren and cold land. Only two major settlements are in there. Both are clusters of temples and momentariness dedicated to knowledge, wisdom, love, lust, magic, and forbidden knowledge that is kept secret to all evil eyes. The snow elves are the guardians of all the creatures of Thedoria.
Urlander the keeper of all knowledge by Armygeneral13 Urlander The Keeper of all Knowledge

snow peak border: These tall peaks house bandits, and barbarian tribes of plenty. watch towers are on the tall peaks to find any criminals and bad Ora people going over the mountains. At the base are barbarian tribes of orcs, humans, and wild wood elves. They all have a amazonian life style, and are ruled by warlords, who get rights to all males. These tribes all have a different culture but they all are loyal to one another
The Amazon Tribal States Of The North by Armygeneral13

human tribeswomen of these parts

the sea of sea elves:This is a sea that at first from the shores of the human desertland are clear sunny and smooth. But when you get closer to the shores of the snow elf lands it get's harder and tougher. Only sailors charmed with the necklace of allowance can travel these seas at ease without trouble, and make it back to their families. These seas are dawned with elven mermaids with grace and beauty, that live a hunting and gathering life style. They will as well hunt with packs of dolphins and use them as hunting dogs. 
Sea elves of the sea elf sea by Armygeneral13 Sea elves hanging around a merchant ship in the southern end of the sea of sea elves.

silvian and wild wood elf forests: These are three patches of forests claimed by the wild and silvian wood elves. The silvian use their land to build massive settlements in trees that are located in the middle of the forest. The north and south wild elves use their forests to create small farming or nomad tribes that align them selves with the other barbaric tribes of the area. While the silvian elfs have their own kingdom that is part of the RojoPais empire. Both Silvian and wild elves hate each other, and have massive feuds.  
    Thedoria II(the silvian elf kingdom of Ixia Pixia) by Armygeneral13 Ixia(one of the nations of the silivian elves)wild elf barbarian warrior by Armygeneral13 Wild wood elf warrior

fey guardian of Ixia Pixia by Armygeneral13 A Ixia Pixia fey guardian     Barbarian alliance elf warrior by Armygeneral13 Wild wood elf warrior 2

fey garden of Ixia Pixia by Armygeneral13 the fey gardens of Ixia Pixia

the bearded isles: These three islands were created by volcano so they have many useful things for dwarves. The dwarves of the islands live in city states that all have a greek styled culture. Clothes, the food they eat, architecture, fashion, military is all based off of ancient greece but with technology from the 1800s. 

Walrovia Of The Bearded Isles by Armygeneral13 Walrovia- a dwarf city state on the banks of iron forge island

Militia soldier of Walrovia by Armygeneral13 Walrovia militia men

military soldiers of the Bearded Isles by Armygeneral13 The ranks and soldiers of The Bearded Isles.

the Rojopais kingdom: This is a very fertile land with many many many large farming communities scattered all over the kingdom. The largest one is the capital of this kingdom. It is called"the city of Eliche" It masses 100 kilometers from the outer gates all the way to the docks. In is middle of the city is the grand palace of the royal Rojo family. They have created a massive empire with the bearded isles, silvian elves, some human kingdoms of no man's land, and very few human and feline nomad tribes.  They have a culture based on Renaissance era Spain and Italy. The food, clothing, military tactics, education, arts, language and fashion but with technology from the 1800s.
Eliche city the capitol of Rojopais by Armygeneral13  the city of Eliche 
Rojopais manor by Armygeneral13 A rojopais manorRojopais commoners by Armygeneral13 Rojopais commoners

regular infantry of the Rojopais empire by Armygeneral13     regular soldiers of Rojopais       A rojopais elite musketeer by Armygeneral13 A elite soldier of RojopaisThe galleon ships of Rojopais by Armygeneral13 A rojopais galleon


no man's land: This is a large desert divided up by kingdoms and tribes. Gnolls, desert orcs, human, and anthro felines live here. The felines and humans are the only ones with a kingdom. The humans have a Arabian culture while the felines have a ancient Egyptian style culture. (both with similar dress, architecture, education, arts, fashion, food, government, music, and language to the culture) The gnolls(hyena anthros) and desert orcs are mostly robed or nude nomads who align to both sides. Barbaric alliance, and the Rojopais empire. As well as feline and desert human kingdoms align to both sides.  
Musketeer of Avrabia by Armygeneral13    Avrabian musketeer     Desert Human Tribe Folk by Armygeneral13 Human Desert tribe folk


Rojopais empire: Rojopais kingdom, silvian elf kingdom, the bearded isles, feline kingdoms(I say about 9), 10 gnoll and orc nomad tribes, desert human kingdoms and tribes(12 in total)

Barbaric alliance: These are basically people who hate the empire and want it to die. southern wood elf tribes, gnoll, and orc nomad tribes, some but very few human desert kingdoms, and feline kingdoms. It's mostly the southern wood elves because any ally of the silvian elves is a enemy of theirs. 

neutral: northern wild elves, mountain dwellers, and snow elves. 

This feud is only in the south and central end :XD:

A little extra: If you want to help please select a kingdom(a red dot) in any of the lands, follow the lore, and create a small kingdom, or tribe. the capital of the Rojopais kingdom in mine."Eliche" as well as all the manors around the city. If you need help please feel free to contact me :) I plan this to be a RPG world.

For info on RPG battles in my World see here  The rules of battles in ThedoriaI have tweeked how battles are fought in Thedoria so everything is simplified  It is a mixture of checkers and Battleship. 
The rules for very simple; both sides start off with 100 men(10 checkers) and start attacking their enemy. Once them or their enemy is down to 0 or singles retreat the battle is over.  
How to start playing:

step one: challenge someone on a enemies side to battle. They can choose to battle you or surrender. If they surrender it is a automatic victory, and your side takes their land. Same if they get defeated. If you get defeated then the enemy gains your land.
step two: Contact the game master(me) that you want to play a game. I will then message both of you to a note to start playing. (you must have a kingdom in my world to play)
step three: You will all have the same number of checkers(10) They all can take different amounts of damage. (for example infantry can take 3 hit

For info on the animals of Thedoria see here:  The animal creatures of Thedoria IIThe animal creatures of Thedoria are a mixture of mythical and physical creatures. I will go by the certain provinces of Thedoria II. 

the true elven lands(snow elf, sea elf, and the silvian elves.) Are the only lands filled with magical creatures for the true elves are the guardians of both physical and spiritual creatures. They as well help the physical and spiritual animals from poachers of these lands. One nation Ixia Pixa(:iconixisnyx: 's nation) shelters all fey from threats.
Only light magic creatures are seen in the elven lands. Dark magic creatures live in the dark realm below the seas of Thedoria.
magical creatures
Snow elvesfrost giantsSnow NayadsSnow fey(Pixies, Fairies, Bogles, and Brownies)artic wolvesArtic faunssnow minotaurssnow centaur frost dragons
Sea elves
water nayadswater spiritswater fey(pixies, fairies bogles, and brownies)water dragonssea giants
silvian elves
forest fey(pixies fairies, bogles, and brownies)f

info on roleplaying in my world is here  different types of roleplays in my worldThere will be two types of Roleplays in my world. 1 will be a war RP and the other will be a adventure RP. 
Adventure RP: 

This will be a 1 on 1 RP I will play with people who don't like hard strategy RPs. You will create a character using the chart below and I or you will draw it. I shall create a character and we will go on adventures. This might not be used a whole lot since it is 1 on 1 so I can only do it with 1 person. 
the chart: You will create a character with this chart. The next will be the info and stats of the character. 
races: feline anthro(cat furries), Orcs, Gnolls(dog furries), Dwarves, Rojopais humans(whites), Wood elves, snow elves, sea elves, wild wood elves, and no man's land humans(blacks and arabs).  
weapons you can use:choose 2,

Info on some of the history of Thedoria(Antique age) see here: The antique age of Thedoria by Armygeneral13

Magic and Religion in Thedoria
 Magic in Thedoria is very different from magic in other fantasy worlds. It is a skill that can only be unlocked if you open your conscious Having a open conscious means you are more open minded, well control over your anger and lust, and have extensive knowledge of many different skills. This long learning process takes about 10 years for a human, dwarf, feline,gnoll, orc, and wild elves to master. The reason for this is because those races of Thedoria have a closed conscious, and only care for war and fulfilling long grudges. Though humans, and dwarves have one part of their conscious fully unlocked. This the knowledge of many different skills. This is how Dwarves and humans are the leaders in technology, right behind snow elves of course. Though snow elf technology is focused on the greater good ;and not war and violence. True elves(silvian elves, snow elves, and water evles) are b
 Magic and Relgion in Thedoria.

The sci-fi age ThedoriaThe age of space(or the sci-fi era) is the Thedorian era of space travel, and other sci-fi stuff. It's quite under developed so I don't have a lot of stuff in my Gallery for it. 
The Map OF  the Thedore system. 

The Thedore Solar System is a small system on the outskirts of the Butterfly Galaxy(I fictional galaxy. It contains two livable planets and two non livable ones, as well as a few moons. 
sun: The sun of the Thedore Solar system is a dwarf star and only lets out enough Solar radiation for two planets to be livable on, as well as a few moons. 
Rojia: Named after the Rojopaisian word for "flaming hot", Rojia is a burning, hot ball of magma only a few light years from the sun. It is unlivable, and extremely hot. 
Ro-1: Ro-1 is a unlivable hot ball of magma just like Roijia. Though of smaller size. 
Purpuria Plana: Purpuria Plana is the 1st livable planet
 The sci-fi age of Thedoria 

The three ages of Thedoria Thedoria is separated into 3 ages, all with there own map, and history. I will start with the Antique age. 

O T.II(thedoria II)-the realm of Thedoria I is gone due to mass war.
1 T.II-The original creatures of Thedoria are whiped out leaving only their souls.
10 T.II Thedoria II is made.
11 T.II- the souls of Thedoria I are put into new bodies and new identities to start a new life.
11 T.II-The identity of Urlander is created. Urlander gets the mission to teach all Thedorians many life lessons.
13 T.II- more Snow elves are created. They become teachers just like Urlander
20 T.II- after 6 years of nomading Thedoria. The snow elves create the first civilization.
21 T.II- The civilization of Magcea Nix is created.
30T.II- the creation age ends
The Stone era.
31 T.II- Thedorian tribes learn about flint tools and weapons
32 T.II- the northern snow caps glide all over northern Thedo
 The three ages of Thedoria
This is all the basic info of my world. Hope you like it :)
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